Mommyz's Organic products are naturally produced of pure bamboo fabric.

Bamboo Textile is soft and smooth for delicate baby skin yet resilient through years of baby play. This special material is organic, hypoallergenic and ultra absorbent to expel moisture from sensitive skin.

The organic fabric is uniquely woven with quality finishings to meet your highest expectations and beyond. We have chosen neutral patterns and colors, printed with natural colors, to correspond with the green initiative behind our organic items.

The Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

The Benefits of Bamboo Fabric:

Fresh and breathable – Bamboo material absorbs up to 60% more moisture than cotton. It dries quickly and can be easily washed many times. This wonder fabric gives a constant feeling of cleanliness and is known to keep the human body about 3° cooler than any other fabric.

Incredibly soft and comfortable - The bamboo plant may be hard to the touch but when woven, it becomes a soft and silky raw material. The fabric’s texture stays soft and strong through years of use.

100% Natural – Our bamboo fabric is produced from organically grown bamboo, without pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Safe and Hygienic – Bamboo products are hypoallergenic and have a natural ability to deflect bacteria. Most importantly, textiles derived from the bamboo plant help prevent the development of allergies and skin irritation. Our organic fabric is the best natural choice for sensitive baby skin.

Did you know?

Bamboo is in grown in many different regions in the world, especially in East Asia. This plant may look tree like but it actually derives from the grass family.The bamboo plant minimizes levels of CO2 naturally and generates 35% more oxygen than other trees of its size, thus improving its surrounding air quality. This amazing plant has the ability to re-grow multiple times after being harvested. It can return to its full potential height within two to three years after being harvested down to the root. The harvest and processing technique to produce our organic bamboo material is therefore not harmful to the plant and its environment.

How are bamboo fields made into silky soft textile material?

The bamboo is cut into small pieces are immersed into an eco-friendly solution. This solution breaks down the hardness of the plants tough stalks into a pulp.The bamboo pulp is then laid to dry on a large flat surface. After drying, the bamboo pulp has now formed a sheet of fibers that are produced into string and eventually woven to create a fabric.


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